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Where do you stand on today's education issues? Let's stand together.

It's time to stand together on the education issues we face today. Those issues are big and they are complex, but we can ensure that every child receives a quality education if we unite around our shared vision and focus our energy on impact.

We all agree that every child deserves an affordable, high quality education. And every teacher deserves to be fairly compensated. Every community deserves funding for the programs and resources it needs to give our kids the very best possible start and every possible opportunity. But everyday, the education issues we face are holding our children back. Students around the world are falling behind. Individual students with particular needs, interests, or inclinations are getting lost in the shuffle. Class sizes are increasing as the pool of available teachers is decreasing. In 2008, the United Nations estimated that 69 million children, worldwide, were out of school. Millions of children won't receive an education due to poverty, safety concerns, or discrimination. We are increasingly unable to provide a strong start for today's children.

These education issues seem insurmountable. But we cannot just throw up our hands and continue to ignore these problems. No single person can do it alone. But we know that our community is strong and, together, we can create change.

Let's stand together and advocate for educational reform. Let's come together to take a stand on the educational issues that matter. When we unite for good, we can contribute to the solution and improve the quality and availability of education in our own communities and around the world.

The petitions below cover a range of education issues and take a variety of approaches. Some are aimed at elected officials, pleading with them to change policies and standards so that teachers will receive fair pay. Some demand more funding for early childhood education so that our youngest students can start their educational journey well. Some are aimed at universities and banks, urging them to make higher education more affordable so that everyone can enjoy access to the same opportunities. Some lay out the case of one special student or a small group of local kids whose educational opportunities are at risk. Regardless of its scope or approach, each petition aims to create a kinder, gentler, more inclusive world. When we come together and start down the path of solving any one of these education issues, we can change the direction education is headed and make a turn for the better.

When you create or sign a petition advocating for the education issues that matter to you, you become part of the Care2 community—a community that has made world-changing impact through starting campaigns and supporting each other's work. When you create or sign a petition, you join a community united for good. Your signature may help just one child but your action will encourage a culture of promoting education for all and ensuring a better future for our young people. Your support of the petitions below will ensure that we begin to solve the education issues in our own communities and around the world.

When we stand together, our actions have an impact. Let's stand together and take action on the education issues we face today.

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  • 04/26/18--00:00: BRING MRS JENNIFER BACK
  • On April 25th 2018, Bus 81 Of Hilliard Tharp 6th Grade school got a news bus driver named Mary. Mary is a very nice person and has many wonderful qualities, no disrespect but she is not a good bus driver. Our old bus driver Mrs Jennifer was AMAZING. She got us to school on time and acted like she cared. She gave us candy and helped us with issues at home and school. When we invited her to events she gave it her best effort to come and made it seem like she cared. PLEASE BRING MRS JENNIFER BACK!! Both of the days that Mary has drove us to school we have been close to being late or late. On April 26, Mary forgot to pick up two of the stops and we were right by them. She goes through neighborhoods we have already been by and wastes time. Jennifer took shortcuts and helped us get to school on time! Please help us bring her back.

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    I am currently a sex slave for the Illuminati. I was kidnapped and brought to a compound, which I believe is near DC. I am being held captive against my consent, forced to play some "game." My genealogy has been hidden from me. I have been trying to escape for the past year, but have been unable to. These sick individuals will not let me go. Join me in banning freemasonry and the so called Illuminati from enslaving other individuals and programming them with mind control. Thank you.

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  • 04/26/18--00:00: Do you want better lunches?
  • A peer at my school found an unpleasant color in his quesadilla on 4-26-18. When that happened I knew that I neede to start a petition to get better lunches in schools. I want to get a bunch of people together and we can change school lunches together!

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  • 04/26/18--00:00: Let Rick Nilsson Coach!
  • Rick Nilsson has been unfairly barred from coaching and barred even from volunteering in any capacity, by the board of the Somerville Youth Soccer League (SYSL). This action was taken secretly, without any statement of justification or explanation by the board.

    As a signatory to this petition I demand that the board of SYSL take action to allow Rick Nilsson to volunteer as a coach and in any other capacity, without any qualifying limitations, immediately. I would like Rick to be restored as a head coach this season and I demand that the board of SYSL take action immediately to allow Rick to coach.

    Rick Nilsson has been volunteering with SYSL for over fifteen years.  He has taken the National D Coaching License Course, and the requisite, E (twice!), F and G Coaching Licenses courses.

    Would you please share this petition with other past or present SYSL members, coaches, parent and board members?  Thank you!

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    getting Oujia Bords removed from being sold as a game in childrens department in retail stores

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  • 04/26/18--00:00: Fire Ben Carson
  • Carson already came into the Cabinet as one of the most inexperienced members of the Trump administration (and that's saying a lot), but now has proven he's in over his head. He spends massive amounts of tax payer dollars on his own personal comfort, and now he wants to hike the rent on low income housing vouchers. Tell the administration enough is enough - replace Ben Carson with someone who actually understands communities in need and doesn't just want to line his own pockets.

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  • 04/26/18--00:00: Stop Our Train Not Stopping
  • As of the 20th May, the train ( stopping at Angmering, Goring-By-Sea, Durrington-On-Sea, West Worthing and Worthing) in which Davison girls get wont be stopping at East Worthing. Help us stop this by signing our petition

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  • 04/26/18--00:00: No More Puppy Mills!
  • puppy mills are places wear people force female dogs to breed as much as they can until the females wear out and can not produce any more. Often these places are unsanitary and overcrowded. What needs to happen is we need to start emailing our senators and getting this on the ballot.

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    Robin (formerly Robert) Ammon is currently employed by USD at the department of Kinesiology and Sports Management. He was previously fired from his job at Slippery Rock University in Pennsylvania in July of 2010 after making disparaging remarks to some of his students, including asking each of his students how many sexual partners they had, including that he had over 100, five after he was married. He indicated to a female student that she would be his favorite if she performed a sexual act on him. He had also been disciplined for similar behavior in 2006. Ammon claimed his statements were "trash talk", and not sexual harassment. Although USD is aware of his past record, the University continues to employ Ammon, labeling him as an "asset." Please sign this petition if you feel Ammon, and anybody with a history of sexual harassment, should not be employed at USD. Also please voice any concerns to President Abbott's office, phone 605-658-5641.

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    Nos déchets proviennent de notre consommation .

    Je propose comme solution que la MAPAQ fournisse des solutions acceptables au niveau de l'hygiène pour réduire les déchets.
    -reduire le suremballage
    -si un emballage est requis s'assurer qu'il soit recyclable ou encore mieux compostable
    - offrir un un programme de contenant réutilisable géré par le magasin qu'on peut rapporter au magasin

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    Im sorry im not doing that much. This is CHILD ABUSE and should be treated as such, please sign this petition to protect the innocent people of 10Y1 and anyone else that might be affected in the future.

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  • 04/26/18--00:00: End the persecution
  • We as Australians are losing our legal rights we need to stand as a nation and end the madness of having the government police every thing we are doing bring back our privacy and our rights to be individuals

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    This is a Two year old boy yet people are treating him like a criminal telling them he Is going to die and they won’t let him go to Italy for treatment that could possibly save his life well I say the parents have the wright to fight for Alfie’s life and with your help we could give them that right

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    Oakland is a well-sought for place if you are doing an Oakland home search owing to its rich culture influenced by the neighboring cities of San Francisco and Berkeley. Having one of the best climates in the United States and being one of the most energy efficient city makes Oakland an Ideal place to settle down.

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    So as one of many millions of tsb bank account holders I have been unable to access MY money ! Due to tsb failing to complete a system upgrade/ update this has caused endless stress for days trips to the bank and countless phone calls to tsb customer services which resulted in hour long and more being put on hold then being disconnected no answers just empty we are sorry ! This is unacceptable not only have tsb stopped millions from accessing money they have also made mistakes where people could see other peoples bank account details this is beyond a joke I personally have been make out of pocket by the bank and I think we shouldn't just let this go what if they want to do another update and this happens every customer should be compensated and I don't mean by increasing the interest rate which they have done ! It's not good enough ! Please sign this petition and get as many people to complain and hopefully they actually listen for a change tsb have made a massive mistake and they think an empty sorry is good enough well for me it isn't

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  • 04/26/18--00:00: Hardship drivers license
  • Hard ship drivers license

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  • 04/26/18--00:00: Jail time for animal crulty
  • Any one who would hurt a animal should be put in jail,

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    The statue in Syracuse of Christopher Columbus is both culturally insensitive and inaccurate. Many people are unaware of the truth of Columbus and more importantly awareness of the Indigenous peoples in the area. We want to work towards the removal of this statue to help advocate for indigenous peoples and hope to eventually see the celebration of “Indigenous Peoples Day” rather then “Columbus Day”

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    bacon hair been free on roblox and i want it because i was a girl

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  • 04/26/18--00:00: Joe and laurel
  • We need jaurel to happen do it now

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    Administrators at the University of North Georgia (UNG) have decided that the Blue Ridge Rifles (BRR) must change the symbol that has represented this honorable unit for over 50 years, and this petition is designed to give you a place to voice your support to keep the patch.

    In a wave of racial tension that has swept this country, there are people who don't like our patch, because they feel that the respect paid to a Civil War unit means that the BRR is somehow a racist organization. This is VERY FAR from the truth. The BRR is now, and has always been an inclusive unit, where people are judged by their commitment to excellence, not by the color of their skin.

    Whether you are a Blue Ridge Rifle or a supporter of the unit, we ask that you voice your support for the Rifles by signing this petition. If you were a student at NGC/NGCSU/UNG, please include your class information in the comments. Checking the box to share your signature on Facebook would also help us gain support from your friends & family who would support the Rifles.

    We, the undersigned supporters of the Blue Ridge Rifles, ask that the UNG administration reconsider their decision, and allow the Rifles to continue use of their guidon and patch. We believe the Rifles to be a group of honorable cadets who have and will continue to represent the school well, and abide by the highest ethical standards. Allowing those with no appreciation for the history and traditions of UNG and the BRR to dictate school policy only serves to teach the cadets that political correctness is more important than honor and truth.

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  • 04/26/18--00:00: Make Radina's Healthier
  • Radina's Coffeehouse and Bakehouse offers many varieties of food to the students here at Kansas State University. I want to be able to make this known that they should provide healthier options and maybe even more options so we can revert to making better decisions. I am concerned because there are over thousands of students at K-State who eat junk/fast food on a daily basis and if they are now surrounded with healthier options, they won't be able to say no

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  • 04/26/18--00:00: Stop animal dissection!!
  • People think it's fun to dissect animals... especially when they're alive. Dissection on TV can terrorize and petrify children. This should stop!!!

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  • 04/26/18--00:00: We won't change our 1876code
  • We have already been known worldwide for our 1876area code.1876areacode represents jamaica and Jamaican.i can remember my families and friends phone number using 1876.. They wan't to change our area code but we as a people can stand together so they know we don't wan't that change.

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  • 04/26/18--00:00: TEACHERS WANT JEANS!!!!!!!
  • Teachers at smryna high are tired of not being able to wear jeans to the workplace. The kids don't care about what the teachers wear. A solution would be to let the teachers wear jeans once a week.

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    Sign this petition and together we'll get Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield on I'm a celeb!

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    Everyday in America there's an innocent young girl and boys forced into marriage with an older man or women because of family neglect and financial need.

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  • 04/26/18--00:00: Legalize Marijuana (CBD)
  • Continued research may lead to more medications. Because the marijuana plant contains chemicals that may help treat a range of illnesses and symptoms, many people argue that it should be legal for medical purposes. In fact, a growing number of states have legalized marijuana for medical use.

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    I believe that the popular dance generally referred to as the 'shoot', created by rapper Blocboy JB should be an emote in the video game Fortnite: Battle Royale. This dance would fit in particularly well with other emotes such as 'the dab' etc...

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    The government needs to ban the sale of acids completely to anybody no matter how old they are because they have been a rise in acid attacks in some areas of the world including the UK.

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    Oxford needs to as ROOOT to the dictionary

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    Me and many other football fans want Wembley to be only used for football games and concerts only. Sign this petition to help us out!

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  • 04/26/18--00:00: SMTOWN IN FRANCE
  • We want SMTOWN in France with all artists of SM (EXO,NCT,Girls' Generation,F(x),Super Junior,TVXQ,SHINee,BoA and Red Velvet)

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  • 04/26/18--00:00: Stop "+/-" Grading!!
  • On the grading scale an A- lowers your GPA. It should be a solid scale of A, B, C, D, F. End the +/- in grading and make it solid.

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    13 Reason why was a massive hit in the year 2017. This was originally created to make awareness of what was happening around us, sometimes with people not knowing. Views had gone through the roof for this new Netflix series, in which this means to make a new one as another big hit.

    The whole point of this series is to make awareness but what the show don't realise the effect it has made on our young people with mental health issues. After the series was showed on Netflix, the search on google of 'how to commit suicide' had risen by 26%. Also with the 'suicide helpline number' climbing 21%.

    This show is a 'trigger' for people with existing mental health issues. This is causing them to go into deep depression and to do a case of terrible things to themselves. Such as 'copy cat suicide'.. 'panic attacks' .. 'Feeling worse after watching it' .. 'Idolizing the character'.
    This is causing people to make them worse even when they were on the road to recovery.

    Unfortunately its not only this series there are others such as 'A girl like her' and 'Not alone' which have also been shown on Netflix. I am in understanding that Netflix have attached the link to the Suicide helpline and also to warn viewers before watching the series.

    This has come after a recent family memeber being diagnosed with depression but after watching this programme her mental health plumiting to the ground. This has triggered so many things for her and she is now in a specialist hospital helping to deal with the problem. Not only has it affected her massively but also all the family members. It has been a real struggle of sleepless nights and the constant worry of 'is she ok?'. This is happening to loads of families around the UK, which needs to be adressed. Some parents might not even know the series is making the children to feel that way.

    I personally think there shouldn't be a second series and i hope many people would agree with me.

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  • 04/26/18--00:00: Get EPB in Cleveland TN
  • Everyone knows EPB is the nations fastest internet including Charter and ATT... so they constantly keep EPB tied up in court battles to keep them from expanding!
    Let's bring an end to that! Sing this petition to get EPB expanded outside of Chattanooga!

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  • 04/26/18--00:00: Boycott of Acreage Holding
  • As a protest to the thousands of families that have been destroyed by archaic laws endorsed by politicians to advance their personal careers and now stand to make a profit from the changing wind of society.

    We cannot allow these assholes to sweep in and make more money now that a profit motive has been established.

    This is not about marijuana. These men have the torn families, spilled blood, and misallocation of monies on their hands. Yet they now seek to profit from an industry that they profited from, denounced, and manipulated for their own means.

    The marijauna industry is far to big now to fail. However, we can ensure the people responsible for imprisoning our family members will not make another dollar from it.

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    In recent media, people have been killed with Kicks to The head. On Facebook, more and more bullies are beating up people and giving major blows to people's heads. Recent news report man kicked in head with steel toe caps dies 22nd April 2018. 31st July 17 man kicked in head in Basildon town centre dies. Man in Trafulgar Square kicked and punched in head and dies June 3rd. If this does not kill then this should be classed as a tempted murder. This is serious and if life threatening and if not fatal. There has I'm the last week videos on Facebook, with a Glasgow girl being beaten up, and kicked in the head and a lad pouring stuff on her face, corrupting her breathing. Today 26th April in weoley castle a girl being beaten up and booted in the head several times. By young lads also. Hard blows to her head. They will only get a slap on the wrist.... if your 10, 12, 21, 45 you know right from wrong and should be punished the same as if your 12 or 21. This needs to be sorted, before more and more people die.

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  • 04/26/18--00:00: Help Us Legalize Marijuana!
  • Marijuana is legalized for recreational use in 8 states and legalized for medical use in 20 states. We are trying to push for legalization of recreational and medical use because some people across the U.S. have cancer and marijuana is used to help with cancer and other medical purposes such as anxiety etc. , the THC in marijuana helps increase appetite and reduce nausea. It decreases pain, inflammation, and muscle control problems. Now there's also another type of marijuana called CBD that doesn't make you "high", it actually helps with controlling epileptic seizures and maybe even help treat mental illness. So our question is why would we treat a disabled or sick person like a criminal because they are using something that's actually safer than over the counter drugs? We also want to legalize it for recreational use because marijuana prohibition hurts our minors more. African Americans are 4 times more likely to be arrested for marijuana violations than whites even though both sell and use it at the same rates. By signing this petition, you are getting us 1 step closer to help people in need and the people who use it for personal use . Make a difference today and sign the petition.

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  • 04/26/18--00:00: End Rostom in 8JH
  • Kick Rostom from 8JH

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    In 2004 I was the victim of a sexual assault. My offender was charged with kidnapping, sexual battery, assult, and intent to rape. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison. He served 7 of the 10 years. In 2011 I discovered this very man had moved onto my street in a very secluded part of town. I wasn’t notified by the parole board. I had to do a sex offender search to find this information out. This is unacceptable and we need to change our laws and victims rights. Currently, no law exists that says your offender is restricted from living next door to the victim. Let’s me a change

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    We the fans of Stree Justice:The Bronx find the show entertaining and informative. We ask that the show be renewed for a second season.

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    Cander centre doctors surgery in Stonehouse are stopping doing blood testing in the surgery and are expecting patients to travel to the next town in larkhall to have blood tests. There are a lot of elderly and unfit patients that couldn't manage the walk from the bus stop to larkhall health clinic.. keep our treatment rooms in our surgery for blood testing!

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    Imagine getting a pet, caring for it and loving it, only to have it stripped away from you and killed.

    That's what happened to the students of Seneca College's Veterinary Technician Program earlier this month.

    Every year, students work with calves bought from a local farmer. At the end of the year, the animals are sold at auction and return to the "food production cycle." But this year's students had other plans. They fell in love with their snugly "large dogs" and even gave them names: Bambi, Huey, Pongo, and Chester.

    In order to save the cows, the class set up a GoFundMe page raising almost $3,000 which they were going to use to purchase the animals and then give them over to a sanctuary.

    Unfortunately, they were given the wrong date for the auction and the cows were purchased and taken to slaughter.

    Now the kids are devastated at the thought that their beloved baby cows are dead. They are now fighting to protect future animals from the same fate.

    Please sign the petition and ask Seneca College to commit to sending their classroom farm animals to a sanctuary, not to slaughter. Thank you.

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    Our friend, is reluctant to join the festival activities this year, but we know deep down in his heart he is all about the sesh ... and what better place to be than at the download festival!! Make our wishes come true and get this man to attend this year's Download!!!!

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  • 04/26/18--00:00: Renovate Tolentine Hall
  • The current state of Tolentine Hall is disgraceful. How has a facility so important to academic life on campus been allowed to wither? It is in the classrooms of Tolentine that we reap the benefits of a Villanova education, and yet we are ashamed of this place. Tour guides speed past the building as they downplay its role: "This is Tolentine, you might have a class or two here... And on your left is CEER." The building itself, a mockery among students and faculty, consistently disappoints and alienates its students. We have reached a point where the facility's shortcomings have begun to harm student learning outcomes.

    We propose that Villanova immediately prioritize renovations to Tolentine.

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    Over 170 lawmakers have now called for Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Scott Pruitt's resignation, who is now under at least 10 federal investigations for flagrant misuse of public funds.

    Even by Trump barrel bottom standards, this corruption is egregious. Pruitt must resign!

    Frankly, Pruitt already shouldn't be EPA Director after pulling the United States out of the Paris climate agreement (even though his job is, you know, to protect the environment). But now, his exorbitant expenses paid by taxpayers have become public: $3 million spent on personal security, expensive hotels and first-class flights, scheduling meetings in vacation spots...and installing a $43,000 sound-proof booth in his office.

    And it seems he's spent more time cozying up with anti-environment donors than he has doing his job: renting a condo for just $50/night from the wife of an oil and gas lobbyist, and a shady relationship with the National Mining Association, both now under investigation.

    Democrats AND Republicans are calling for Scott Pruitt's resignation, and so should all of us.

    Add you name to demand Scott Pruitt resign immediately as EPA Administrator.

    And when Pruitt finally flies home, he needs to fly coach.

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    As of February 9th, 2018 Congress passed the Bipartisan Budget Act H.R. 1892 permanently repealing the Medicare therapy cap. Although, this is an improvement for therapy services there is a provision in the law that will decrease OTA and PTA reimbursement rates by 15% for treatment services effictive 2022.

    The change in assistant riembursement rates will lead to a decrease in salarys and eventually available job opportunities. This will diminish the value of our professions and ultimately affecting patient care leading to a decrease in skilled services.

    Please join our initiative to stop the planned change to PTA and OTA reimbursement rates.

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  • 04/26/18--00:00: Force an early election
  • We're concerned that this government is not acting in the best interests of the people. And we want an early election