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Where do you stand on today's education issues? Let's stand together.

It's time to stand together on the education issues we face today. Those issues are big and they are complex, but we can ensure that every child receives a quality education if we unite around our shared vision and focus our energy on impact.

We all agree that every child deserves an affordable, high quality education. And every teacher deserves to be fairly compensated. Every community deserves funding for the programs and resources it needs to give our kids the very best possible start and every possible opportunity. But everyday, the education issues we face are holding our children back. Students around the world are falling behind. Individual students with particular needs, interests, or inclinations are getting lost in the shuffle. Class sizes are increasing as the pool of available teachers is decreasing. In 2008, the United Nations estimated that 69 million children, worldwide, were out of school. Millions of children won't receive an education due to poverty, safety concerns, or discrimination. We are increasingly unable to provide a strong start for today's children.

These education issues seem insurmountable. But we cannot just throw up our hands and continue to ignore these problems. No single person can do it alone. But we know that our community is strong and, together, we can create change.

Let's stand together and advocate for educational reform. Let's come together to take a stand on the educational issues that matter. When we unite for good, we can contribute to the solution and improve the quality and availability of education in our own communities and around the world.

The petitions below cover a range of education issues and take a variety of approaches. Some are aimed at elected officials, pleading with them to change policies and standards so that teachers will receive fair pay. Some demand more funding for early childhood education so that our youngest students can start their educational journey well. Some are aimed at universities and banks, urging them to make higher education more affordable so that everyone can enjoy access to the same opportunities. Some lay out the case of one special student or a small group of local kids whose educational opportunities are at risk. Regardless of its scope or approach, each petition aims to create a kinder, gentler, more inclusive world. When we come together and start down the path of solving any one of these education issues, we can change the direction education is headed and make a turn for the better.

When you create or sign a petition advocating for the education issues that matter to you, you become part of the Care2 community—a community that has made world-changing impact through starting campaigns and supporting each other's work. When you create or sign a petition, you join a community united for good. Your signature may help just one child but your action will encourage a culture of promoting education for all and ensuring a better future for our young people. Your support of the petitions below will ensure that we begin to solve the education issues in our own communities and around the world.

When we stand together, our actions have an impact. Let's stand together and take action on the education issues we face today.

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    According to BBC news in 2011, 90% of those sentenced in England and Wales had offended before. In March 2016 there were 85,500 prisoners across England and Wales. We believe one of the major reasons for these reoffending rates is the unnecessary privileges that prisoners receive.

    In our opinion these unnecessary privileges are the use of, computers, televisions and games consoles. As well as activity's such as pool and snooker. We want these to be banned completely.

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  • 02/20/18--00:00: Urgent Care No Insurance
  • When trying to reshape an industry like clinical urgent care, we knew it was essential to collaborate across a variety of experienced, dedicated individuals who truly understand the gaps in the traditional private health care system.
    WeHealth was designed by New York City clinicians and developed by top technologists to provide the most seamless, convenient mobile clinical experience in the world.
    Unlike many health insurance providers, WeHealth outlines specifically what services are available with no hidden fees or caveats. This means that you will never be left out to dry when you get to the clinic and will never have to reschedule or wait to get the care you need.
    We started WeHealth to help people get better care faster. We think our customers should expect the same level of personal support and service from our team. When you contact the WeHealth team, you will speak to a real person and get personal support to walk you through any questions or needs you have.
    Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.

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  • 02/20/18--00:00: Kajan aryal
  • I don't no but I am very sad a our environment

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  • 02/20/18--00:00: Stop School Shootings!
  • I am concerned for children, including my daughter and child to be. I'm scared for my life and theirs for when they start school. I think they should make schools safer and more aware of what is going on when anyone including the students, and teachers walk through the door. They should add metal detectors and a bag scan at every door as soon as anyone walks in and have police officers/security there at all times. This can stop not only weapons from getting into the school, but also drugs, alcohol and anything a student should not have.
    I am making a petition so they can try to get these items in each and every school.

    *I don't own rights to this photo*

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  • 02/20/18--00:00: Stop pollution in shanghai
  • Soil, Water and air pollution in shanghai creates massive health issues to people living in shanghai. Show your support in the fight against this issue and show big corparations in shanghai that it is time to reduce the use of fertilizers in agriculture, to improve waste disposal methods so it does not just congregate in rivers and to stop harmful chemicals being released every day, poisoning the citizens.

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    There is no denying that Spanish bullfighting is a bloodsport. Often excoriated in other countries, it is still considered part of Spain's "cultural heritage." Despite pushback from animal rights activists who managed to have the "sport" banned in Catalonia eight years ago, bullfighting fans seem to be winning the fight. In fact, the Catalonian ban only lasted 6 years when in 2016 it was overturned by Spain's constitutional court.

    But while the sport is still widely followed, there has been a growing concern that more than just the bulls are being harmed at the matches. Recently, the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) has come out against allowing children, under the age of 18, from attending bullfighting events or attending bullfighting schools.

    Currently, children as young as 14, can legally attend one of Spain's 55 bullfighting academies.
    But the UNCRC says the level of violence and is too high and that children should be protected from their "harmful effects." As the organization's name suggests, they believe that children have the right not to be subjected to such grotesque violence.

    While this ugly sport continues to be legal in Spain, the country has said that they will consider the UNCRC's recommendation and this could be one step towards ending the sport entirely as less young people will grow up desensitized the this barbaric practice.

    Please add your name to the petition and ask Spain to protect its children from the unnecessary violence of bullfighting. Ask Spain and it's autonomous regions to ban children from participating in bullfights in any way, shape or form.

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  • 02/20/18--00:00: --none--

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  • 02/20/18--00:00: Saving club
  • Save now

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    Amazon and Stagecoach have been running a bus service since December to transport the Amazon workers from Peterborough City Centre UK to the Amazon site for work.

    Amazon shifts are long and exhausting, and this bus service provides a valuable mode of transport for staff who have no other means of getting to and from work.

    GMB Trade Union - Always delivering for our members


    GMB PETERBOROUGH OFFICE - 01733 344418



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    I would love for there to be grandparent rights in tennesser!, So many grandparents love there grandchildren but aren't allowed to see them !

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    There have been a number of shooting recently, and one way we could stop it is by placing officers in schools.

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    With all the threats to local schools lately and in light of the recent Florida School shooting, it is time we parents take a stand and try to get something done to protect our children before something catastrophic happens in one of our local schools. We shouldn't have to worry about our kids safety after they get on the bus & get to school. Guns are NOT the problem. It's bullying, mental illness, and so much more. Instead of taking our firearm rights away I am suggesting that we fight to get armed Veterans placed at every local school to patrol while classes are in session. Our children shouldn't have to lose out on a public education and parents shouldn't have to sacrifice their time to work, etc to pull their children out of school to be home-schooled. School is supposed to be a safe place. It's time to make it safe again. We can solve two problems at once, giving Veterans a career, by helping keep our children safe. Law enforcement can't be in multiple places at once to make sure our kids are escorted into school safely while keeping the streets safe so why not have military personnel to help? If you agree please sign this petition so we can get it into the right hands to move forward on better safety measures for our children and their educators!

    Also, parents who own firearms, by all means it is your right to own them. Please keep them locked up where they are not accessible to your children. A lot of us own them for the sole use of home protection and if these kids keep getting a hold of them we will end up loosing that right too. Sit your children down and talk to them, it is NEVER too early to educate them on the importance of gun safety. Talk to your children about how they are doing in school. If they are getting bullied, go to a school board meeting to address it. I have never seen kids at such a young age being bullied like this. If your child IS a bully, get the root of WHY. We have to start somewhere to put a stop to it. Talk to your local school about getting an anti-bullying program put in place. Any ideas can help no matter how small. It starts with us! Let's make a difference!

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    VA Claims Neuropathy, Porphyria Cutanea Tarda, Chloraine and other illness must be dinosted with in one year of superation and given a 10% rating. We never heard about Agent Orange until years later. How could we a rating or disabily for something we never heard about.

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    SeaWorld is a marine theme park chain in America it opened on March 21st, 1964; 53 years ago. On average SeaWorld gets 11 million visitors per year usually visiting to see its famous killer whale shows however theses marine mammal shows cause a lot of controversy as most people strongly believe that orcas belong in the ocean not a small enclosure where they are put under a lot of pressure to perform as at the end of the day they are wild animals and if we continue to mistreat them then they will start to see us as a threat and in the ocean orcas only attack another animal if it is seen as a threat to them. In the past there have been incidents that have resulted in serious injury and death.

    Orcas at SeaWorld spend most of their time floating at the surface of the water with little to no shade from the sun. In the wild, orcas spend up to 95 percent of their time submerged and would find shade in the depths of the ocean, but at SeaWorld their tanks are far too shallow. Their deepest tank is 40 feet deep which is nowhere near deep enough to block out sunlight.
    Sea world tries to hide these sunburns from the public eye by covering them with black zinc oxide which matches their skin almost perfectly so we can’t see how hurt they are.

    Orcas in the wild have an average life expectancy of 30 to 50 years—their estimated maximum life span is 60 to 70 years for males and 80 to more than 100 for females. However the median age of orcas in captivity is only 9.

    In the wild orcas on average swim up to 100 miles a day are 10 meters long and weigh about 5000kg and are the only animal in the ocean powerful enough to attack a great white shark but sea world makes them live in small enclosures that would be almost equivalent to a person living in a bathtub the orcas are often forced to live together which leads to them fighting each other the enclosures don’t allow space for the whales to swim away from each other therefore the fights can end in death.

    Orcas are also highly social marine mammals they travel in groups called pods. Pods usually consist of 5 - 30 whales, people working for SeaWorld kidnap orcas from their families and isolate them at SeaWorld in the past this has given the killer whales such bad depression that they have attempted suicide either by repeatedly swimming at the enclosure walls to knock themselves out.

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  • 02/20/18--00:00: End dress code
  • We all dislike dress code but never do anything about. Sign this petition and lets start the process of ending dresscode.

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  • 02/20/18--00:00: Keep China British
  • Now two boys have been found rubbing linseed oil into the school cormorant. Now some of you may feel that the cormorant does not play an important part in the life of the school, but I would remind you that it was presented to us by the corporation of the Town of Sudbury to commemorate Empire Day, when we try to remember the names of all those from the Sudbury area who so gallantly gave their lives to keep China British. So from now on, the cormorant is strictly OUT OF BOUNDS. Oh and Jenkins? Apparently your mother died this morning.

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  • 02/20/18--00:00: DHL unacceptable behavior
  • Because of DHL, we had to deprive ourselves from eating chicken.
    DHL behavior and Logistics is NOT acceptable.
    It is against Human Right.
    We started a hunger strike feel free to join in ..
    Together is power :)

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    AmendGun Laws to protect life in our society
    1. No one under 30 Years. Old can own a gun (with the exception of law enforcement, Armed Forces, Armef Security, etc)
    2. All retired Law Enforcement, Armed Forces, Security etc must have a psych evaluation to retain a fire arm Ayer service
    3. A gun user under age thirty mast have rights and usage of a gun with a permit that states usage only under the supervision with a permitted gun. User 30 years and older.
    4. All gun owners must go through citizenship,
    fingerprinting, educational, employment, mental and criminal background check with a 30 To 60 day waiting period.
    5. All guns should have a owner only trigger lock and sign a legal document stated that his:her firearm will be Store in a protected lock box


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    There have been two crashes within weeks from each other, because its hard to see when entering from the intersections on Hwy 51, I want some kind of way to make it safer when entering the hwy so we can prevent these accidents from occurring!

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    We, the undersigned, Millbrae residents and/or property owners/business owners respectfully petition that The City should be very cautious in approving the development here which would have impacts on Millbrae for decades.

    The Millbrae BART station area is a very unique location, with BART, Caltrain, SamTran, corporate shuttles and High-Speed Rail here, and being only 5 minutes from San Francisco Airport. The station can become the new gateway for regional, national and international travelers with BART being central to this vision. Millbrae BART station has the opportunity to elevate its identity with a grander destination stop that includes a high-end hotel, premium retail stores, and class A office spaces.

    This is a prime opportunity for Millbrae BART to transform itself. We welcome vibrant development to the city. Our Millbrae residents strongly urge the City Council Members and the BART Board of Directors to work with the developer to amend the plan and address the issues below:

    1 Residential development will cost the City's money to support such as emergency services. For example, The proposed project for TOD #2 is estimated to only generate $800,000 in retail and hotel taxes for the City is not enough. This is a prime site and should be generating at least $3 Million in revenue to help pay for necessary citywide projects such as upgrading utilities and rebuilding the Recreation Center.

    2 Millbrae schools are already at maximum capacity and there is no space to expand. The 444 units proposed here TOD 1 and another 400 units proposed at TOD 2 will have added significant demands on the schools, which has not been addressed. One of the key reasons people move to Millbrae is for the quality schools, but how will the impact be addressed with an additional 800-1600 more kids added to the existing schools?

    3 We need more generous circulation and drop off areas close to the station for buses, shuttles and private car drop off, especially with the future High-Speed Rail. The Developer's current designs does not consider High Speed Rail and only has one limited close by drop off point to the station and others are scattered quite a distance away.

    We highly recommend the City Council Members consider these key sites mostly for commercial use only!

    For example, building high-end offices to attract big companies, building luxury hotels to attract travelers landing at SFO, and providing high-end retail spaces for restaurants and commerce. This will generate much higher tax revenue for Millbrae to:
    • Rebuild the Recreation Center
    • Repair Millbrae's Aging Infrastructure such as Water Utility, 2 Millbrae Elementary schools, Taylor Middle School

    This station can become the new gateway for regional, national and international travelers. Millbrae has the opportunity to elevate its identity with a grander destination stop that includes a better hotel and more destinations shopping, which the current project does not achieve.

    Please do not waste this one and only opportunity for the City to transform itself and to generate necessary income to pay for all of the City's expenses with a principally residential rental project that benefits the developer but hurts the City. Please listen to your local constituents, we urge City Council Members to reject both plans and reconsider these site as a whole single project for generating continuous high revenue for the City of Millbrae.


    We, the undersigned, say NO to the current Millbrae Station Proposal. We demand the city re-evaluate the use of this site a better plan to build a better Millbrae.

    Link to the City's project webpage

    Millbrae Station Area Specific Plan (MSASP)

    Link to developer's project webpage


    Today, Millbrae Residents for Responsible Development is counting on you, Join Millbrae Residents for Responsible Development and show your support today!

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    My name.e is Michelle mc Ginley I am the cousin of Michael mc Ginley who went in to the river Foyle on Sunday 21st January 2018 we are still searching for his remains. Michael was turned away by doctors for help with his mental health after the death of his mother and father then sadly he took his own life we want laws to change and a real mental health centre to be set up in Derry please help us help mental health 💙

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  • 02/20/18--00:00: no school uniforms
  • we hate school uniforms please stop.

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    The residence of Rock Creek, OH 44084 only have two types of access to TV, Internet and Phone. They are Windstream and Zito both of which are Dial Up and DSL. We need to move into the 21st. century with faster Cable/Broadband for the progress that is starting to take place in Rural Rock Creek,OH 44084 March of 2018. We have spoken to Spectrum Cable/Broadband and it would take installation of box for our Downtown area.

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  • 02/20/18--00:00: Demand Joy Behar be fired
  • Demand that Joy Behar is fired for mocking and making fun of Christianity. It’s time for Christians throughout the world take a stand against this hate! Boycott ABC until she is fired. No other religions would tolerate these abuses.

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  • 02/20/18--00:00: Nandos in Falmouth
  • We would love to have a Nandos built in Falmouth. The student hotspot. Our local club Mono has sadly sadly closed, gay night will never come again. If I receive over 100k retweets Nandos will have to build a restaurant in its place. Please.

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    As a parent of school age children and a concerned citizen I created this petition to show we want our children protected. There needs to be metal detectors and security presence in our schools. Sign to vote to have this brought in front of the board of education for the protection of our children.

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    Today Tuesday, February 20, 2018, a new rule has been created at AN Myer Secondary School that students aren't allowed their backpacks with them in class due to kids vaping. I believe this isn't fair because it's affecting the entire school body when only a few students are doing it, a simple solution is if a student is vaping in class or on campus they get suspended.

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    Prevention of military / automatic / high powered weapons being sold in America without
    thorough background checks.

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    In light of the continuing and tragic trend of school shootings and recognizing that action in Washington DC or even Madison is not likely, we must insist on local action to take reasonable steps to secure our schools and to ensure that our children are safe as they attend public schools each day. Metal detector technology has advanced in technological capability and in affordability in recent years. This simple technology, especially when paired with locked entry systems already in place at many schools, can help to provide additional security and confidence in the safety of our schools. School district officials generally have sometimes been resistant to installing this technology, however every reasonable step to keep our kids safe at school should and must be implemented. Sign this petition to add your name to this nonpartisan list of supporters for this common sense protection for our students and our communities as we continue to discuss additional steps that may further enhance the safety and security of our schools and our schoolchildren. By signing this petition you are indicating that you agree that all school districts in Rock County should install metal detectors in all school buildings by the start of the 2018-2019 school year.

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    Purpose: Support college students in their pursuit of education and personal growth.

    Means: Incorporate specialized aid and college credit for Global Travel.

    Features: 1. College Credit offered with International Travel. *
                   2. College Financial Aid offered with International Travel. *

    Both student and college benefit from this process. Although the financial compensation is less than minuscule for the colleges, it is drastic for the students. Every dollar and every credit bringing students closer to their dream career and individual success. Experiences abroad well-earning academic achievement by imparting subjects such as international politics, economics, business, languages, and law.
    Studies around the world show the great affects traveling has on students in their academic performance and overall happiness. College campuses across the state of California could be the center of worldly scholars.

    "The world is a book, and those who do not travel, read only one page." - Saint Augustin

    Semester System: 1 credit per 120 hours (5 days) outside U.S. border (Maximum 4 California College Credits).
    Quarter System: 1.5 credits per 120 hours (5 days) outside U.S. border (Maximum 6 California College Credits).

    Proven with valid receipt(s). College withholds right to deny credit if proof of travel is vague (i.e. Gas money)
    International travel through college program such as study abroad is not viable.

    Public Universities are required to compensate students up to 1% of college's estimated CA resident total cost (annually).

    Travel proven with valid receipt(s). College withholds right to deny aid if proof of travel is vague (i.e. Gas money)
    International travel through college program such as study abroad is not viable.

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  • 02/20/18--00:00: save our pub
  • pub to be turned into flats against community wishes we want our pub back

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    This is a young baby who needs a chance of life and should not have life support switch off his parents want to take him away for further treatment

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    The mayor of Paris is planning a so-called "ecological" bathing site on Lake Daumesnil, in the heart of the Bois de Vincennes, with a beach on the island of Bercy.

    The island of Bercy, a protected natural area, is a magical place at the gates of Paris. We can see herons, cormorans. We can walk among the swans, geese, ducks. It is a nesting site for many species, especially for swans.

    But above all, the main attraction of this island is its 20 peacocks including a white one that give it this unique character. They live there in the wild and have multiplied for nearly 20 years forming a tribe with very tight rules and hierarchy.

    The small island (about 200 yards long and 100 yards wide) will be invaded by thousands of bathers who will have little regard for the wildlife and will occupy most of the place.
    Nesting will no longer be possible on this site.

    As for the peacocks, they will be parked in a enclosed pen called "tranquility area" and will simply not be able to survive at 20 on such a small stretch.

    Peacocks, can fly only a few yards range and can not move elsewhere. They are therefore doomed to wither, especially as the City of Paris offers no alternative for these fabulous birds.

    Sign this petition to prevent Anne Hidalgo (Mayor of Paris) from destroying the only Parisian park where you can see peacocks in complete freedom.

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    Due events that have recently been brought to the forefront of social media involving the deaths and injuries of pets, this is said to be at the hands of groomers employed with PetSmart. The reporting of incidents continues to rise. We are requesting that PetSmart take a huge step forward and voluntarily close all grooming salon locations until all states in which they have stores can put regulations into place. This will show that PetSmart puts the welfare and well-being of pets at the top of their priority list.

    This request comes due to the fact that it takes time to get regulations to protect pets into place. There is a process that must be followed before new laws can be made and put into place. This request will also ensure that no further pets are injured or killed while we await these regulations to be placed into effective.

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    Seabreeze High School has not done anything to ease the minds of parents, teachers, and students during school hours. We should not question whether or not our school will get shot up everyday, we need to take action before it is too late. We could replace classroom doors with heavier, sturdier doors, have more communication within the school, have more officers present during school hours, and take more precaution of who enters/exits the school through the staff parking lot. By signing this, we’re showing the school staff that we as peers, parents, teachers, and others, are concerned for our own safety at Seabreeze High.

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    From Tia @ Villalobos:
    I cannot count the number of times I have seen this design on Teespring. I am constantly telling them to remove it and they have made it impossible to get a hold of anyone and now are requesting that I fill out some insane form that will take me all day to complete.
    They are saying that I have to prove that this is my organization and I"m furious. THIS IS NOT OUR DESIGN and I see it up all the time.

    Just be aware if you buy it, the funds DO NOT come to our dogs and that some private party is making money off of our name and taking away funds from us.

    Somehow, I will find a way to make direct contact withTeespring and when I do.........grrrrrrrr

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  • 02/20/18--00:00: Home Owner Association Fees
  • The builder is over charging HOA fees

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  • 02/20/18--00:00: Make abortion illegal
  • I don’t think mothers have the right to take the life of a growing human being

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    Give Alfie a chance.....change the decision.... give alfie to a doctor who can properly treat him and save the little boy

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  • 02/20/18--00:00: no uniforms
  • every school has uniforms and it’s time to change that

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    Everyone is getting tired of coming in to school wearing the same color shirt every single day and now it's time for a change in color-such as gold, grey, white, and royal blue. It would give everyone a chance to stand out and it would make the school itself look more vibrant with its color.

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    The performing arts should be mandatory classes. Statistically proven, students are better in school when given an opportunity to the arts. According to the National Center for Education Statistics "If students take more courses in these areas and also have engagement (in the arts) outside of school, they tend to do better." I am currently a senior in the preforming arts magnet at Hollywood high school who is doing their senior project on this topic.

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  • 02/20/18--00:00: Dance studios for dancers
  • The Dance studios are a sacred place for our division and our art. We not only take classes in these spaces, but we also rehearse and embark on new adventures. The only reason we can do what we do is because of the generous space we are granted.

    Even though we have about 17 students per studio (6 studios/100 dancers) we can get time to use the studios as we please. The two things that inhibits us from using these studios to their full capacity, are musicians that leave trash, chairs, etc. in the room. And the easy accessibility that individual music students have to our studios.

    The Dance Studios are so valuable to our training, yet we allow a lot of access for people outside of the Dance department. It's upsetting to have to bend over backwards to book studio space because not only are dancers booking out the studios but musicians too.

    If you're in the Dance department and see this as an issue, like I do, please sign this petition to restrict access for singular music students. I believe that Rehearsals with a teacher/recordings should be the only reason that a music student should NEED to use our studios. I will present this petition to the Dance Department, and if you feel at all against this please message me and let me know what you think.

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    If employers were held accountable and hit with a monetary fine for every undocumented worker that would help this country. End citizens birthright. No education no heath nor welfare. Prosecute with stiffer laws use a better tracking system. Illegals go to jail on a felony and replace their identity quicker then i can write this text. Identity theft in directly connected with undocumented people. There are thousands of unseen problems that goes on in the neighborhoods.

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    The issue is self explanatory, the resolution is here:

    No reason why we can't put a 6 month clause for everyone enlisted in the armed forces, to spend their last 6 months stationed at a school. It will protect our kids AND re-acclimate those soldiers back into civilian life. Cost is already built into there enlisted contract.

    Some facts: 2.6 million enlisted men, 98,000 schools. Enough military to go around.

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    In 2016 Diesel the Staffie Staffie was found at Manchester airport. He had vanished from the owners garden 8 months earlier. He was described by the police as ' the friendliest, daftest, sweetest dog'.
    Unfortunately, last year, while being looked after by the friend of the owner, he was let off the lead and attacked a smaller dog, who sadly died.
    The magistrates have issued a destruction order. The owners have not contested it. So it seems Diesel has to pay the ultimate price because of the irrisponsible actions of the owners.
    I am pleading for them to save Diesel with STRICT provisions...Muzzled at all times, always on lead, dog training classes. He made one terrible mistake but his past sweet nature has not appear to have been taken into account.
    Can we try and save Diesel?

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  • 02/20/18--00:00: No cages for dogs
      • dgfgjukiujlkjh,ku uiiol yio uuoyyo tkiuo fyflo litglyktuil

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    Today in society, as a person and parent, I have seen some things that just downright makes me angry and is heartbreaking. I'm talking about the kid on kid crimes, like bullying, which causes our children to commit suicide and /or school shootings. Sitting here thinking and as adults we have laws in place that protect us from things, like harassment and stalking ect., Why don't our children have the same laws in place protecting them?? It's hard enough now days cause our kids, don't open up, and the schools say that they have policies and procedures in place for BULLYING when a parent brings it up, and the answers range from oh those kids are just mean to, we will have a talk with them, give them a warning, but it only makes it worse, for the kids, if they do say anything, so they definitely aren't going to say anything. There's no actions or consequence for the bully. WE ALL NEED TO START TAKING A STAND AND GIVING OUR CHILDREN, OTHER OPTIONS FOR BULLYING, CAUSE THE ONLY OPTIONS, THEY SEE IS SUICIDE OR HOMICIDE, HOW MANY SCHOOL SHOOTINGS AND CHILDREN COMMITTING SUICIDE , HAVE TO CONTINUE BEFORE WE ACTUALLY REALIZE THAT THERE IS NO POLICIES AND PROCEDURES IN SCHOOLS OR LEGISLATION, FOR THE BULLIES AND THE ONES BEING BULLIED. PLEASE HELP US TAKE A STAND, HELP US CHANGE SCHOOL POLICIES AND PROCEDURES , AROUND THE WORLD, HELP US TO GET LAWS IN PLACE PROTECTING OUR CHILDREN, ON AND OFF SCHOOL PROPERTY, HELP US TAKE A STAND FOR ALL THE CHILDREN OF THE WORLD, THIS ISSUE WILL NOT GO AWAY, HELP US CHANGE THE WORLD AND HELP OUR FUTURE...OUR CHILDREN ARE THE FUTURE.

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    The NRA is planning to hold their national convention in Dallas this May after the city of Dallas paid more than $400,000 thousand dollars to rent the convention center for them.

    I was raised in Texas and was heartbroken after the Dallas shooting of police officers. I cannot believe the city is not only welcoming the NRA, but literally funding the event. Please sign my petition to tell Dallas to rescind their funding of this event.

    The city gave them a $22,000 discount the city's tourism bureau VisitDallas funded the other $387,000 of the rent price. This is disgusting. City Council Member Dwaine Caraway is serving as mayor pro tem and he has begged the NRA not to come. 

    Let me be clear: right after a mass shooting, gun sales in this country spike. This means that the NRA and gun vendors across the country literally have a financial incentive to not prevent mass shootings. This is sick and I want the city of Dallas to do what's right and take back the funding so the NRA doesn't come.

    Sign on if you agree: the NRA is not welcome in Dallas.