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Where do you stand on today's education issues? Let's stand together.

It's time to stand together on the education issues we face today. Those issues are big and they are complex, but we can ensure that every child receives a quality education if we unite around our shared vision and focus our energy on impact.

We all agree that every child deserves an affordable, high quality education. And every teacher deserves to be fairly compensated. Every community deserves funding for the programs and resources it needs to give our kids the very best possible start and every possible opportunity. But everyday, the education issues we face are holding our children back. Students around the world are falling behind. Individual students with particular needs, interests, or inclinations are getting lost in the shuffle. Class sizes are increasing as the pool of available teachers is decreasing. In 2008, the United Nations estimated that 69 million children, worldwide, were out of school. Millions of children won't receive an education due to poverty, safety concerns, or discrimination. We are increasingly unable to provide a strong start for today's children.

These education issues seem insurmountable. But we cannot just throw up our hands and continue to ignore these problems. No single person can do it alone. But we know that our community is strong and, together, we can create change.

Let's stand together and advocate for educational reform. Let's come together to take a stand on the educational issues that matter. When we unite for good, we can contribute to the solution and improve the quality and availability of education in our own communities and around the world.

The petitions below cover a range of education issues and take a variety of approaches. Some are aimed at elected officials, pleading with them to change policies and standards so that teachers will receive fair pay. Some demand more funding for early childhood education so that our youngest students can start their educational journey well. Some are aimed at universities and banks, urging them to make higher education more affordable so that everyone can enjoy access to the same opportunities. Some lay out the case of one special student or a small group of local kids whose educational opportunities are at risk. Regardless of its scope or approach, each petition aims to create a kinder, gentler, more inclusive world. When we come together and start down the path of solving any one of these education issues, we can change the direction education is headed and make a turn for the better.

When you create or sign a petition advocating for the education issues that matter to you, you become part of the Care2 community—a community that has made world-changing impact through starting campaigns and supporting each other's work. When you create or sign a petition, you join a community united for good. Your signature may help just one child but your action will encourage a culture of promoting education for all and ensuring a better future for our young people. Your support of the petitions below will ensure that we begin to solve the education issues in our own communities and around the world.

When we stand together, our actions have an impact. Let's stand together and take action on the education issues we face today.

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    Having served in the United States Army and being 100 disabled and suffer from major depression. Who by veteran affairs is exempt from taxes but I feel every state should exempt veterans and military widows of having to pay property taxes. Depending on your state in my case
    Georgia is one of those states that dont honor or help these Veterans

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  • 02/21/17--00:00: Disinfect The Chronicle!
  • How could you ruin our precious Kensington?! A newspaper you grew up with? Yes, sometimes change is a good thing, but not when it's completely and utterly ridiculous! The K-Chron? Are you kidding?! It's a disease! No it's a cheesy super villain!'s JH Media interfering in Neverland. It's a mere shell of what it used to be, hence the shortened name.

    Give George Darling back control of the paper. It will never be the same without him. James Hook is a business man, not an editor. If he wants to handle finances, fine....but don't give him the power to have a say in what the people of Neverland read. Let someone they know and trust do that. Give John his editorials back, and his position back. He is the heart of the paper. Let him write what he will write what he will write. He's smart and always writes something worth reading. Give all the other's their columns back. Neverland loves and needs them. They and the Kensington brought us together as a community.....and so far, all the K-Chron has done is ruin lives, cost jobs, and started a rebellion.

    Sign our petition! #SaveTheChronicle #DisinfectTheChronicle #DisinfectantsUnite #SayNoToDrugs #JustSayNo #DownWithTheKChron #GiveUsTheKensington

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    Radcliff KY (Radcliff KY Information) SB 221 has been introduced in the Kentucky Senate. This bill , if passed, would enable Radcliff city council to level a sales tax on food purchased in restaurants, beyond the current 6% of purchase price. Let elected officials know you oppose new taxes….

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  • 02/21/17--00:00: CHANGE NICKS NAME

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  • 02/21/17--00:00: School crossing
  • I have contacted the council how have now put in an application for a crossing to be put in Stifford road to make crossing to school alot safer for parents and children been asked to aquire as many signatures so they can see how many of us parents are behind making our school a safer place to access

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    Wayne Shaw resigned as goalkeeper at Sutton United today die to a "Pie Eating" scandal
    This is outrageous he is a Grassroots football player that does everything for Sutton United
    This is wrong in everyway doesn't the FA want to go back to Grassroots football
    We have a Sunday league team that eat pies and bacon sandwiches on the touchline and go out the night before a game and still play on Sunday
    Nothing is said about this
    Bring back Wayne Shaw to Sutton FC and bring Grassroots back to Football
    Supported by the Smithfield Hotel in Uttoxeter Staffordshire and the Smithfield Hotel FC

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  • 02/21/17--00:00: Grant Edward Snowden asylum
  • The NSA whistleblower, Edward Snowden, Is in hiding due to releasing loads of classified docs proving that the government spies on us. And I dont want Edward Snowden in hiding all his life because of this. So sign this petetition to brig him back.

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  • 02/21/17--00:00: Save Our NHS NOW!!!!!
  • I am a member of the public who is passionate about our health service. I live close to the first NHS hospital which opened its doors in 1928. I am extremely concerned about our unique health service running out of money. It needs a MASSIVE cash injection, it needs it NOW. Hospitals are closing or services reducing. We can't continue this way, we all want a better service. Let's not leave it until a disaster happens.

    What should we do?

    Here are some options to consider:

    1. Pay for specific services such as a set care
    plan. For example a visit to A and E will cost £20.00. A visit to the GP will cost £8.00. Services such as maternity care £200. Emergency call outs for self inflicted incidents such as being drunk £20.00.

    2. National insurance contributions to increase, we pay more for our health care.

    3. All EU and non EU visitors pay upfront for non urgent hospital care.

    Some charges already apply in Ireland and the Channel Islands. If they can do it, why can't we?

    We should take responsibility of our own health conditions, know your body. I'm not saying ignore unusual symptoms you may have but don't run to the doctor or hospital with something as simple as a cold.

    Action is needed. Our NHS needs action, it needs more money.

    Parliament needs to take action, let the message to do something be from you and me, the people of the UK.

    I ask you with 100% passion to sign this petition NOW.

    We need 100,000 signatures to be heard in Parliament.

    Let's do this, let's do it now!

    Thank you.

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  • 02/21/17--00:00: Support Scenario/OptionB
  • This petition is for those in favor of Scenario/Option B being considered by Seattle Public Schools. All other options would draw the line at 11th Ave W and send all children west of 11th to Magnolia.

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    I've had three occurrences today where I have had to hold my breath for an uncomfortable amount of time while walking past a cigarette smoker, and I know I'm not the only one. Make it illegal to smoke cigarettes on public grounds to avoid the horrible disadvantages to secondhand smoke and keep our air clean!

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    Climate change is no longer a far-off concern: it's here. It's taking lives, disrupting food supplies, and leading us into an increasingly uncertain and threatening future.

    Australia is particularly vulnerable to the impacts: water security, coastal communities, agriculture, and infrastructure are all at risk.

    As such, it's particularly important that Australia takes a lead in cutting emissions and limiting the impacts of unfolding climate disruption.

    Please sign this petition to demand that Australia introduce penalties for generators that produce high rates of emissions, so that national commitments to reducing emissions can be met.

    Australia's chief scientist, Alan Finkel, has said that clearer and firmer national policy is needed to encourage investments in renewable energy.

    Several credible studies have found an ''intensity trading scheme'' would allow Australia to most affordably conform with its international emissions reduction commitments without placing too much strain on household bills. The scheme would mean that generators that produced high rates of emissions would be penalised, which could encourage a transition to cleaner energy.

    Please sign this petition to demand that the Australian government commit to an intensity trading scheme. If enough people sign it will make it clear that the public expect action on emissions NOW. 

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  • 02/21/17--00:00: Make government great again
  • Travel band and invading a nother country like Iracq and going on a twitter rant or threatening to do something to people when they don't agree with you that's what we the people not hired you for stand for all people and not some of the people we gave you a chance for the first month you gave us hell grow and be a world leader or "we"will fire your assssssssssssssssssss?

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    We demand that Sutton United FC reinstate with immediate effect their goalkeeper Wayne Shaw who was forced to resign over eating a pie.

    We furthermore request that Wayne Shaw be deemed a 'top bloke'

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    Wayne Shaw has had his contract cancelled after he was seen eating pie on the bench during the FA cup match with Arsenal on February 20th 2017. Wayne Shaw's life is Sutton United, he does so much for the club and all of this is a massive over reaction from the club.

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    Health Professionals Protest - Massachusetts Chapter


    1. To provide awareness of the devastating consequences of a block grant to medicaid, the most recently proposed plan to replace the Affordable Care Act.

    2. To protest the planned complete repeal and replacement of the ACA.

    3. To provide a unified platform to represent the collective voice of health professionals


    Summary of the current healthcare budget and how a block grant can affect MassHealth:


    • The FY18 Massachusetts State Budget is 39.2 billion dollars

    • MassHealth is projected to cost 16.2 billion dollars, or, 40% of our total state budget, and, currently covers up to 1.9 million residents.

    • Through the ACA, Massachusetts receives federal reimbursement of 50-86%, with increased enrollment resulting in increased net reimbursement.

    • If a federal block grant is proposed, it will result in a drastic cut to state reimbursement.

    • Left unchecked, the state will likely be forced to reallocate funds from other vital priorities such as education and infrastructure. Otherwise, it will be forced to limit healthcare enrollment, or, limit the amount of insured services available for individuals on MassHealth.

    • This will result in serious consequences to health for all of our patients.

    • In essence, completely repealing the ACA and creating block grants could cripple MassHealth.


    Note: Although Massachusetts received approval for the 1115 waiver for MassHealth, the waiver was filed under CMMI [the Center for Medicaid and Medicare Innovation], which was created through the ACA. A complete repeal of the ACA will likely dissolve the CMMI, and, with it, the 1115 waiver.


    To sum up, Massachusetts is not safe from the ACA repeal. As health care professionals, it is our duty to protect our patients from harm. Please join us in our fight to maintain affordable, accessible health care.

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    Milo's book was canceled due to a missstatement on his part. Myself, as well as many other people believe that this is unfair. We want this book to be published. As the book itself has no advocation for pedophilia.

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  • 02/21/17--00:00: Animal Animal
  • Animals Need to be better accounted for in government.

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  • 02/21/17--00:00: Give Jennifer Lawrence voice
  • Jennifer Lawrence needs voice. She fought valiantly for the right for linux users around the world to use linux freely and no longer suffered from the tyranny that was the era of Microsoft and Apple. She deserves voice more than anyone.

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  • 02/21/17--00:00: Justice for Sugar
  • I had took my dog Sugar WVRC to be checked out I had told them that my dogs stomach was hard and her feel was cold she had not pooped in 3 days they thought at this time that it may be in her back so they did a r-ray of her spin and hips they took blood and did a neurologic test and told me they found nothing wrong with her they had her up and walking at this time they then told me that it might be in her domino they told me seeing that I had an appointment with Gentle Healer the next day I should get the x-rays of her stomach done there for the x-rays will not cost as much.
    When I took her to Gentle Healer they did the x-ray and told me she needed surgery right away or she would die me being scared I said ok to save my best friend they took her back a gave me a bill I had told them I don't have that much on my care credit card so they then started to deducting things on the list to do the procedure right off the list so at this time it was over the $1,100 on my card I then owed $54 my total bill was printed out, when I got back to pick up Sugar up my bill had jump to $194.
    They then told me and my husband that they fond nothing wrong with her and that they was sorry they did the procedure, I then went in the next day for her fallow up and her legs was crisscrossing and she looked to be coming paralyzed they told me it would take up to 2 weeks for her to walk that it was normal she then said no I would give it a month at this time she the doctor apologized that they did this again.
    The very next day Sugar was paralyzed I then took her back to WVRC to see why Sugar was not walking I was so so sad they then told me that it could be something on her spin and it would cost me another $3,000 for a MAR and another $5,000 for another surgery not guaranteed she would walk after that they told me it would be best to put her down the hardest thing ever for me.
    This is my store of my best friend Sugar I had a Biopsy done it was been since the 28th of January it is now the 21st of February and still ne results to the Biopsy sent to me it cost me another $500 to find the true reason for my dogs death.
    If any one have had a bad experience with Gentle Healer Please sing Thank You for Justice for Sugar!!

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    This is a matter of Human Rights. Protection of Women and Children against a foriegn idiology, law which is foriegn. It is against all western culture.

    Women under Sharia Law are abused. Children are raped and killed. Victims are not protected and have no rights.

    This PETITION is meant to abolish all forms of sharia law from our Western Society, guarantee all citizens within all 50 states that they are guaranteed only the laws of the United States will be enforced and no judge in any court will make any juducial decision based on foriegn laws but only the ONE LAW WE HAVE WHICH IS United States law. Furthermore all states in the United States will educate those who practice Sharia Law that it is not the law within the United States. Anyone found using Sharia Law against any person in the United States will be found guilty of a felony. Subject to harsh conviction. Sharia Law will not be tolerated or condoned in any manner whatsoever. It shall be an automatic reporting to all law enforcement agencies. All violators shall be deported if not already a legalized citizen and never be allowed within the United States ever again.  All states are to adopt this ban and shall not be left up,to state or local municipality to if they want to  deciude or adopt the ban. It will be law in all 50 states

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    Lower-income neighborhoods or not receiving the proper education due to the funding being based on property values. This being changed overtime will reduce the crime rate due to kids being better educated. This is the only way to reduce the crime rate and is also the root of the crime. Let's get this fixed ASAP

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    It's come to this: Republican members of the House of Representatives have introduced a bill to shut down the EPA.

    Not content to simply allow mining waste to be dumped into streams, or patient enough to allow new EPA Administrator (and former sworn enemy of the EPA) Scott Pruitt to dismantle the agency from within, four Republicans in the House of Representatives have filed a bill to shut down the agency as of 2019.

    Congressmen Matt Gaetz (R-FL), Thomas Massie (R-KY), Steven Palazzo (R-MS), and Barry Loudermilk (R-GA) apparently think clean air, safe drinking water, functioning wetlands and a habitable climate are waaaaay overrated.

    It's clear that House Republicans have lost their minds. Unfortunately, I have no faith that our climate-denier-in-chief would veto this insane legislation if it made it to his desk, so we're going to need the Senate to step up.

    That's right, we need the Senate to be the adults in DC. With the news out of the House and the new "leadership" at EPA, I could start a new petition every single day spotlighting a new insult and threat to our shared environment.

    We need a bipartisan group of 10+ Senators to step forward and commit to blocking the roll-back of our environmental safeguards. Clearly, the EPA must be defended, but the larger principle of bipartisan leadership for cleaner air, water, thriving public lands, and action on climate change is well-worth protecting as well.

    Sign the petition today, and urge your Senators to set partisanship aside and create a joint effort to stand together in defense of the EPA and our environment.

    Susan Collins (R-ME), John McCain (R-AZ), Rob Portman (R-OH), Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) Cory Gardner (R-CO), Dean Heller (R-NV), Jeff Flake (R-AZ), and Lamar Alexander (R-TN), joined by Clair McCaskill (D-MO), Joe Donnelly (D-IN), Mark Warner (D-VA), Jon Tester (D-MT), Bill Nelson (D-FL), and Tom Carper (D-DE) could create an unstoppable voice and voting block for the future of our nation's environment and public health.

    All Senators are encouraged to join together for the planet, but if 10+ clearly communicated their shared commitment to our environment and unwillingness to see our nation dragged backwards, our nation could begin a far more useful conversation about how to move forward.

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    Almost the whole class doesnt like where they sit and we want to sit somewhere good

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    There is a large sub community in our school that has a passion for the sport of badminton. Although there may not be a implemented sport in our conference, there is definitely enough students in our own school to do an intramural sport. After talking with a lot of the students we have found that there is a strong interest for a doubles bracket this fall. We could set it up as twenty dollars a pair and the proceeds would go directly towards the athletics department of D.C. Everest Senior High. If the school would be willing to grant us the privilege to use the Greenheck facilities and the use of the school badminton equipment several times a week for the fall, we would be able to pull all this off.

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    The new construction proposed by Pulte Homes near Fieldstone Preserve, The Woods and The Waterford Crossing affects the residents in all three communities. There are several concerns raised by the residents, some of which are outlined below.

    Our goal is for the City of Strongsville to take careful consideration of the safety concerns, property value concerns, and flooding concerns that this cluster home development will create. Pulte is attempting to force their development proposal quickly through the system because they know these are very real concerns that could adversely affect the community.

    Our Concerns:

    1) Safety Concerns

    a) The current flooding mitigation systems are not designed to handle the new volume of drainage. While alternative plans have been proposed, the residents who have been through several of floods previously have serious concerns. We feel that the build plan has not given enough consideration for the flooding concerns and redesign.

    b) Opening up Ledgestone/Ellsworth and other streets causes severe through-traffic across these communities and is a severe safety concern

    c) The proposed build site is approximately 11 acres. The addition of 24 homes exceeds 2 homes per acre. Using the existing Fieldstone Development to meet the requirement seems to violate the spirit of the rule

    2) Property Values

    a) The cluster homes are too close to existing properties, are of lesser value reducing the value of our properties

    b) There is not an earth mound or trees planned as buffer between these homes and the existing ones, and this WILL reduce the privacy (the primary reason many of us bough these lots), and will reduce the proprty value.

    3) Environmental

    a) Destruction of the wetland & trees will harm the Indiana Brown Bat (endangered species)

    b) The construction and deforestation will kill the roots of the treees and grass on our properties as well.

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    The hit TV show Gavin and Stacey ended really badly and too soon and everyone wants to know whether smithy is really Nessa's spouse

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    Ms. Elaine Chao,
    60,000 people ride Caltrain between San Francisco and the South Bay every day. The system is aging and plagued with issues. The $647M grant you put on hold last Friday funds critical upgrades that are scheduled to start construction on March 1st, 2017 - just one week away. Delaying this funding puts the entire project at risk. This is a "shovel ready" infrastructure project that creates jobs and benefits many thousands. Please release the promised funding and allow this important, beneficial project to proceed as planned.

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    Facebooktwittergoogle_plusby featherرش مبيد بالرياض 0545718458ابيار المملكة لرش المبيدنحن نستخدم أجود أنواع المبيدات الحشرية الألمانية بريحة ودون ريحة ونعمل بطريقة علمية وحديثة جدا .وأصبح الآن لداعي لخروجك من البيت أثناء الرش !!لأننا نستخدم مبيدات صحة عامة وقوية وفعالة ( ومصرح بها من وزارة التجارة والصحة )ونقضي على كل صراصير المطبخ المزعجة بدون رش اي انواع المبيدات الحشرية .إنما نستعمل طرق حديثة ومبتكرة جدا عن طريق حقن دواليب المطبخ وأماكن تواجد الصراصير بطريقة الحقن بالإبر الألماني.أو العجينة السحرية ونحن لانحناج إلى تفريغ المطبخ من الأواني المنزلية.لأنها بكل بساطة ليست سامة أو مضرة وليس لها رائحة ولكن مفعولها قوي وعليها ضمان كامل لمدة عام ويمكن يزيد أكثر من عام .كما نستخدمها في المطاعم والاجنحة الفندقية والمستشفيات العامة .

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    رش مبيد بالرياض 0545718458 ابيار المملكة لرش المبيد نحن نستخدم أجود أنواع المبيدات الحشرية الألمانية بريحة ودون ريحة ونعمل بطريقة علمية وحديثة جدا. وأصبح الآن لداعي لخروجك من البيت أثناء الرش !! لأننا نستخدم مبيدات صحة عامة وقوية وفعالة (ومصرح بها من وزارة التجارة والصحة) ونقضي على كل صراصير المطبخ المزعجة بدون رش اي انواع المبيدات الحشرية . إنما نستعمل طرق حديثة ومبتكرة جدا عن طريق حقن دواليب المطبخ وأماكن تواجد الصراصير بطريقة الحقن بالإبر الألماني . أو العجينة السحرية ونحن لانحناج إلى تفريغ المطبخ من الأواني المنزلية . لأنها بكل بساطة ليست سامة أو مضرة وليس لها رائحة ولكن مفعولها قوي وعليها ضمان كامل لمدة عام ويمكن يزيد أكثر من عام .

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    High Schools and Middle schools in Lexington District One don't allow girls to wear shorts, even in 95 degree weather. We are told that our legs are distractions to boys education, and we get sent home. Telling us that boys education is valued more by the school board than girls education is. Our goal is to allow girls in school to be comfortable in hot weather by changing the rules of River Bluff and Lexington High School. 

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    We need to abolish the no hats rule policy. That it is our right to wear hats and express ourselves.

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    Bel's bike is endangering our well-being and general happiness in Fin.

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    Dcf took my kids 6 months ago because my house was not clean enough. And since then have made false accusations to keep my four babys from me.

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    i propose to incur age transgenderism by getting local trans people telling school kids the positive affects on being trans in your adulthood and beeing who you want to be.

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    Free education for students to be implemented til 5th class so that they can get an opportunity to enroll themselves in education schools to make their base strong.

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    Dogs and puppy's have to be cheaper because a lot of kids play the same thing everyday and they will get bored with what they are doing so if they can buy a puppy they can play with them.

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    De Colores

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    I as an individual citizen of Northampton County want laws rules and regulations to be followed and for us as citizens of the county need to change the system that is so corrupted.

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    This man was set up by the betting shops, they put stupid odds off this man eating a pie at a football match, Wayne Shaw has now resigned from his post as a reserve goalkeeper, His career is ruined, He should be compensated from the betting shops, as his career has finished,

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    Nando's blackburn have established a Venture in blackburn with an attempt to cater for the Muslim community by offering halal food its menu. This is greatly appreciated and welcomed.

    This petition is not a complaint rather a request to Nando's asking them to go a step further by using A more widely recognised accreditator of halal meat by the community it's targeting examples of recognised bodies are HMC or HFA

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  • 02/21/17--00:00: Save Wayne shaw
  • FA have banned Wayne shaw for playing for Sutton I want him too stay as a coach

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    Wayne Shaw has had his contract cancelled after he was seen eating pie on the bench during the FA cup match with Arsenal on February 20th 2017. Wayne Shaw's life is Sutton United, he does so much for the club and all of this is a massive over reaction from the club.

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    As a nanny to young babies I use public busses daily and a few times now I have felt forced to vacate the only area suitable for buggies to allow for someone in a wheel chair to have access. This petition is not in any way saying that the disabled should not have access. But to me.. the words "public transport" mean, transport that is accessible to all members of public. Myself and other parents and nannies feel that the solution to this problem would be to take out one row of seats therefore creating room for buggies and wheel chairs.

    Whenever I am on the bus with a baby (who cannot stand or walk and who therefore needs to be in the buggy) anytime we get to a stop I find myself thinking please god dont let there be someone in a wheel chair waiting to get on. We mothers and nannies get on certain busses at specific times because we usually have to be somewhere by a specific time. Having to get off and wait for the next bus which is usually ten minutes behind will make us late and miss appointments etc. As things are now it is extremely unfair to mothers and nannies with buggies. We cannot always fold up buggies, how can a mother or nanny fold up a buggy with a baby bag and a baby in her arms? I think other carers of children will agree that it is a huge upheaval. Disabled people and adults with babies should be able to ride public busses together without either one being forced to leave the bus. There should be one designated space for the disabled and another specifically for a mother with a buggy.

    It's 2017 now and it's time we made some changes!

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    WCDB Albany is a student funded radio station at The University at Albany. The station has a "No Top 40" rule. Which basically bands anyone from playing music on the Bill Board Top 100 list. The only department affected by this is the Hip Hop/ R & B department. This includes any song that have ever been Top 40 from the beginning of time until present day. The Hip Hop department is the minority at the station and will never be in a place to remove this law. Please help me fight the No Top 40 rule for equal rights for the Hip Hop Department. Thank you !

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  • 02/21/17--00:00: MOVE THE DOTYS
  • The Dotys are very very annoying children in my french class, and everyone can agree when I say we should move their desks into the hallway.

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  • 02/21/17--00:00: Get wayne shaw back
  • Wayne shaw was given the sack which has ruined his career forever for eating a pie on the sub bench because he was hungry we think this is discraseful and we want him back doing what he loves

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  • 02/21/17--00:00: Bring back National Service
  • Bring Back National Service.
    Stop anti social behaviour.
    Make all school leavers do two years national service from the age of 16 to 18 unless they have a full time job.
    Itll teach them discipline if there on an ASBO.
    Itll reduce the amount of school leavers who got on the social and never get off it.
    Itll reduce the amount of overweight kids as they will have to do exercise.
    Also some of the kids will make some good friends for life. Itll straighten out all the misfits within a few months.
    Itll keep a few of them out of prison which will save the tax payers money in the long run.
    There is so much benifits to making it compulsory for kids to do nation service.
    I really cant see why this government just seems to waste tax payers money trying to sortthese kids out when all they need is some discipline at a young age.

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  • 02/21/17--00:00: Incorporate Alexandria
  • Incorporate Alexandria

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  • 02/21/17--00:00: Silence the Violence
  • It is currently too easy to buy guns, and our neighborhoods aren't safe. Please sign this petition to show our state government how many people want more strict gun laws.